InputTagClass - Test Page


Button called with no params:
Defaults to type:submit.

Same button with modified "id", "onClick" & "value":

Text/Password/Textarea w/buttons:

Test Form:
Clicking submit will popup a javascript alert with the name:value for each field in this form.

Classes used:

File list

  • InputTagAttributesClass.php
    - Abstract class of input attributes
  • InputTagButtonClass.php
    - Used to render buttons(submit/reset/misc)
  • InputTagTextClass.php
    - Used to render text/password fields. Will probably modify it to produce date/time, phone number, and email fields
  • InputTagTextareaClass.php
    - Used to render textarea fields
  • InputTagClass.php
    - This just has the previous files combined into one file.
  • inputTagTest.php
    - This php file.